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E-Vatar is an E-volution of art

With the pandemic shutting down the theatres, I was SO EXCITED to see a new format for my favorite art form: PODCASTS. This one did not disappoint! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!!

so much fun!

i love this!! talented voice cast, immersive sound design. can’t wait to see where the story goes!


I don’t know if it premature to start throwing around the word “revolutionary” but… it is what it is. I am already invested in Tay and am dying to hear what happens next! The songs are catchy and the rhythmic/rhymey writing sucked me in!

Familiar yet new

There’s something more-than-vaguely familiar about this podcast; at times, I felt as though I was listening to This American Life or Serial. But the storytelling isn’t true to life—or is it? As someone in Seattle during the earliest days of the pandemic, I recognized that emerging tension between uncertainty and a longing for “normal” life to continue, and I’m interested to see how these characters emerge within that framework. Finally, I have to comment on the poetic nature of the script, and especially of the description of the hand sanitizer, “ a new oblation to a newly formed god.” That line alone makes me want more.

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