The Cambridge Geek Podcast features E-Vatar!

We are pleased to be included in the lastest episode of Audio Drama Debut: A Cambridge Geek Podcast entitled “S02E27 – Merry-go-round.” It’s a lovely podcast by a British man named Rob who refers to himself as the Acquisitions Librarian of the Library of Audio Fiction.

It’s a lovely listen and we appreciate the time he takes to promote audio drama podcasts in the world. Thank you, Rob!

In addition, we strongly encourage you to listen to E-Vatar. This is evening’s release will be the third and final episode of Act I of the E-Vatar: A Musical for the Pandemic Age.

We are currently in production for Act II which is fulling scripted by our writer, David Wilson-Burns. Our songwriters , Gregg and Brian, are putting finishing touches on the music, and our performers are warming up their voices!

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