E-Vatar: Setting the Stage

The creators of E-Vatar: A Musical for the Pandemic Age are entertainers and artists above all. David Wilson-Burns, Brian Eads, John Burns, and Gregg Standridge (creative team) all have experience in performing and with creating various forms of entertainment, but each member of the creative team is passionate about making the world a better placeContinue reading “E-Vatar: Setting the Stage”

E-Vatar now available on Apple Podcasts

E-Vatar is picking up steam! We have thousands of views on Facebook and are starting to see movement on Apple Podcasts. Click the image above to listen on Apple or go to our Buzzsprout page to choose a different podcast app!

Preview of “Terminal” opening song

Big Dumb Buildings and David Wilson-Burns join forces to create an original Podcast Musical. E-Vatar is a sci-fi love story set in a near, but dark future where the pandemic has taken the country in an unexpected turn, and humanity has turned to E-Vatar; a new social technology, which allows a person to enter andContinue reading “Preview of “Terminal” opening song”